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How to create a successful release.

Updated: Mar 26

From the looks of it looks like you're interested in being successful whether, it's releasing a single or an album. There are many strategies you can choose from, but it takes one to blow up. Step number one is asking yourself " How Much Do I Know About Music Industry And The Business Side?". If that question alone makes you think for too long chance are you really don't know about the music industry, and are going to need lots of guidance. Working with major artist and artist while they're in the process of blowing up, allowed me to see how indie artist should release their music. You will def need a team, but what if you don't have enough of money for a team? No need to panic, all you need is to be guided the right way. Always remember that it takes money to make money, im sure you heard this saying before. It's important to invest in your career, and guide you through.

Making sure your recordings are sounding like the majors is very important because they are your competition. Recording on your phone instead of getting studio time is not going to work. Having lots of content daily promoting your project is a must. Without it you wont be able to show people who you are, what you look like, and they wont be able to put a face with the music. Music videos, the right marketing etc your release will basically not exist. If you want to make it in this industry you will need to be able to invest in your career or find an investor who you can partner with. If you're able to invest in your career, be sure to do so to be able to advance your music to the next level and career as well. Here at its "Its Rappa" are able to provide you with the help you need to advance your career. Make sure to take advantage of our package deals "Artist Career Package" to help get your foot in the game. Imagine having your name on one of these gold plaques.Lets get you on the road to success. Click "Artist Career Package" to access the page or head over to the site under pricing and plan to get more info.

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